Prosimo aims to make multi-cloud transit and management a little less daunting

There are a number of reasons why enterprises might be attracted to multi-cloud strategies, with flexibility, redundancy and the ability to avoid vendor lock-in while getting better pricing being just a few. But eventually these enterprises need to decide if the benefits are worth all the complexity they will face in managing multiple separate cloud environments

Prosimo this week announced features aimed at making that part easier through its Full Stack Cloud Transit concept that uses a single architecture leveraging machine learning-driven insights to enable autonomous application-to-application networking.

Those application-aware insights help enterprises tie together a multi-cloud world of disparate infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and application endpoints that ride on different network technologies, heightening complexity and keeping customers from getting maximum value out of their applications, Prosimo said.

This week’s announcement came almost one year to the day after Prosimo raised $25 million to accelerate its Full Stack Cloud transit model. The Santa Clara, California-based firm was founded by members of SD-WAN pioneer Viptela’s founding team, who later helped drive Cisco System’s SD-WAN growth after Cisco acquired Viptela.

Mani Ganesan, Head of Product at Prosimo, told Fierce via email, “From the beginning, our goal has been to simplify multi-cloud for the enterprise. We take a cloud-native approach that makes it very easy to scale as new applications or regions are added. Prosimo's Full-Stack Cloud Transit delivers one consistent architecture that reduces complexity when connecting applications, services and networks in the cloud while addressing operations, security and performance requirements.” 

Among the new features, Prosimo’s Network Transit and App Transit offerings use Cloud Native Orchestration, with cloud-native gateways to orchestrate connectivity for any cloud, whether it's multi-region, private, made up of multiple clouds like AWS and Azure, hybrid on-premises or a mix of all of the above. 

The machine learning aspect powers a Cloud Asset Discovery feature that enables automated recognition and on-boarding of applications across the entire multi-cloud environment, with the ability to create network transit for hybrid, inter-region and cross-cloud with segmentation.

“Our Cloud Asset Discovery helps with identifying enterprise's network and application assets across regions and clouds, providing a simpler way to on-board them to Prosimo's full stack cloud transit,” Ganesan said. He added “The apps onboarded to Prosimo will have ML driven insights, dynamic security policies and recommendations for cost optimization” that allow those companies to achieve benefits in time to value improvement, enterprise application reliability, mean-time-to-repair reductions and overall savings in cloud spending.

Prosimo’s Real-time App Transit Map provides visibility into transit health via application access and overlay views based on usage trends, cost, performance or availability issues. In addition, a Dynamic Application Segmentation feature enables enterprises to isolate or create tiers of applications based on application ID using service networking. Enterprises can also view transactions and dynamic risk scoring to define and model policies, the company said in a statement.

Ganesan added that formal partnerships with major communications service providers and telcos like Verizon and Deutsche Telekom help the Prosimo with market outreach, and the company has tight product and go-to-market partnerships with all the major cloud service providers to leverage the network operator transit and customer reach. “The product integration allows enterprises to gain visibility into their cloud environment and help interconnect applications and scale in the cloud,” Ganesan said.

Bob Laliberte, ESG Senior Analyst, observed in a statement, “as organizations continue to mature multi-cloud strategies, we’re seeing that 63% have IaaS and PaaS across multiple cloud provider environments. Interconnecting applications across VPCs [virtual private clouds] and VNETs [virtual networks], cloud-native services and endpoints as well as building and delivering applications across cloud regions and service provider environments continues to challenge enterprises. Prosimo’s latest features deliver a full-stack cloud transit that simplifies app-to-app networking and provides deeper visibility and ML-driven recommendations to deliver autonomous multi-cloud networking.”