Cloud career moves - the Viking edition

Cloud companies are on the move, filling out their executive offices with fresh leadership. You know who else used to move around a lot? Vikings! So we’re giving this week’s episode of Cloud career moves a Viking theme. Grab a tankard of mead and follow along.


Elena Melnikova, chief marketing officer, Rossum

Cloud career moves – the Viking edition
(Elena Melnikova. Art by Midjourney for Silverlinings)

Rossum tapped Elena Melnikova as the company’s first chief marketing officer. Melnikova ventured there from Talkwalker, where her fellow Vikings likely built their ships from pine instead of oak, which was far less reliable so she moved on. Melnikova's keen eye for marketing strategy comes from her possible love of hnefatl, a Viking board game where the attacker has more pieces than the defender.


Chen Burshan, CEO, Skyhawk Security

Cloud career moves - the Viking edition
(Chen Burshan. Art by Midjourney for Silverlinings. )

Skyhawk Security, told Silverlinings they named Chen Burshan as CEO. Skyhawk, which recently spun off from Radware, provides cloud threat detection. Since Burshan is a serial cybersecurity entrepreneur and into threat detection, he is ideally suited to a hobby of pillaging the hangouts of evil cyber gangs and hackers. If he has Viking ancestors, they would be very proud, indeed.


Sachin Nayyar, CEO, and Paul Zolfaghari, president, Saviynt

Cloud career moves - the Viking edition
(Paul Zolfaghari, Art by Midjourney for Silverlinings)

Saviynt, a provider of intelligent identity and access governance solutions, welcomed back founder Sachin Nayyar as CEO, and named Paul Zolfaghari as president. Former Saviynt CEO Amit Saha will take on the new role of chief growth officer.

Cloud career moves - the viking edition
( Sachin Nayyar, Art by Midjourney for Silverlinings)


To help build the company's c-suite culture, Silverlinings thinks that Nayyar, Saha and Zofaghari would be an excellent team for the cherished Viking three-person wrestling game called “give birth to a bear." It was a Viking's team-building activity of choice for the C-suite (we think, anyway).

Bryce Hein, chief marketing officer, Sysdig

Cloud career moves – the Viking edition
(Bryce Hein. Art by Midjourney for Silverlinings. )

Sysdig named Bryce Hein as chief marketing officer following 120% new customer growth last year. Wow, Hein, way to go on that 120%! Based on the image Midjourney made for us, he looks oddly like Zolfaghari above, but we don't think the two are related. In his spare time, Hein volunteers as a youth basketball coach, and probably also engages in other Viking sports like running, swimming and wrestling. In ancient times, Vikings played a game with stick and ball, during which it was not uncommon for someone to be killed. Stay far away from that game, Hein, please. Far, far away.


Nicholas Wilkin, CFO, and Katie Curtis, CIO, Great Plains Communications


Cloud career moves - the Viking edition
(Nicholas Wilkin, Art by Midjourney for Silverlinings)

Great Plains Communications, also announced two C-level executive positions: Chief Financial Officer Nicholas Wilkin and Chief Information Officer Katie Curtis.

Cloud career moves - the Viking edition
(Katie Curtis, Art by Midjourney for Silverlinings)




As CFO and CIO, Wilkin and Curtis are perfectly suited to take up toga-honk, the Viking version of tug-of-war. 



Ed. Note: We spent a stupid amount of time chasing down Wilkin’s photo, fooling around with Midjourney, and reading about Viking leisure activities, so we hope you’re grateful we didn't go berserk.

Ed. note #2: Midjourney, an AI art tool, manipulated the photos so they kind-of-sort-of-maybe look the like real person but in many cases, not really. 

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