Everything you wanted to know about data center cooling (but were afraid to ask)

  • Liquid cooling is emerging as a key data center technology

  • There are three major types of liquid cooling: direct-to-chip, rear-door heat exchangers and immersion systems

  • Analysts and data center companies alike foresee a surge in liquid cooling driven by rising demand for high-performance compute workloads

We have to be honest: liquid cooling as a technology isn’t new. Dell’Oro Group Research Director Lucas Beran noted it has been used for more than a decade to help chill the supercomputers used for research workloads. But, with the technology now poised to go mainstream in data centers, there is a reason for cloud industry professionals to know what it is.

“More and more people want access to that level of compute infrastructure and power,” Beran told Solverlinings in a recent interview. “So, what’s changing is how many people are trying to utilize these workloads and as that proliferates from a small segment of the market to a core part of almost all enterprise businesses, that requires a significant change in the data center physical infrastructure.”

More specifically, it will require changes to data center cooling systems as heat generation exceeds what air cooling can accommodate. Today, Beran said direct-to-chip cooling is leading the charge, but there’s plenty more to know about liquid cooling systems.

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