Cloud 9: Lunch Ladies News Wrap - Microsoft goes big into AI

Silverlinings' Lunch Ladies Elizabeth Coyne and Diana Goovaerts serve up an overview of this week's news from the cloud world. Special guest Dan Jones also joined the show to share his insight into Microsoft's artificial intelligence (AI) news from the company's Ignite show. Plus Diana weighs in on Gartner's adjusted cloud forecast. 

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Our speakers include: 

  • Serena Blanks, Deputy Director for Architecture & Engineering, City of San Diego
  • Carolyn Duby, Field CTO and Cybersecurity GTM Lead, Cloudera
  • Joe Duffy, CEO, Pulumi
  • Chris Hristov, Assistant Vice President, Network Engineering and Automation, AT&T
  • Dara Meath, SVP, CTO, Build-A-Bear Workshop
  • Hagai Pen, Head of Business Development, AWS
  • Steven Wilson, Head of Public Cloud, Dish Wireless

And now for this week's episode

Here's a handy guide to the chat:

00:10 Introduction

00:59 Special guest Dan Jones talks about the AI news from Microsoft at its Ignite show.

03:10 Diana discusses Gartner's updated forecast on cloud spending.

04:40 Liz dishes on survey results from SoftwareOne that showed 33% of businesses miss financial objectives due to cloud skills gap and the team discusses.

05:52 Diana's puppy Banjo barks.

06:16 Liz and Diana put the call out for folks to let us know about organized initiatives to close the cloud skills gap. Email us via our Letters to the Editor here.

06:57 We remind everyone that we won't have a podcast next week because ... Thanksgiving!

07:10 Recipe tip from the Lunch Ladies: put bacon on your turkey before cooking.

07:45 Liz reminds folks to register for our Cloud Executive Summit in Sonoma, Calif., from Dec. 6-7. Use code LIZ50 to get 50% off your pass. Register here.

08:50 Diana closes things out with the credits.

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