Industry giants from AWS, Red Hat, Microsoft, Rakuten, Verizon light up Silverlinings’ Cloud Cover agenda

Silverlinings’ Cloud Cover virtual event, taking place on March 14-15, 2023, will dive into the do’s and don’ts of a successful cloud strategy.

Cloud network architects and those tasked with deploying cloud infrastructure will gain insight during sessions on multi-cloud strategies, essential telco cloud and secure access service edge (SASE) strategies to help them better navigate the cloud market.

Day 1: Brink’s and Uber

The free two-day event kicks off with Cloud Infrastructure — The State of the Art. In this session, cloud infrastructure experts will share the essentials of creating a successful cloud strategy — one that delivers the full boat of cloud infrastructure benefits with none of the pitfalls. Speakers include:

  • AWS, Chief Technologist, Telecom and Edge Cloud, Ishwar Paru
  • Uber Director of Engineering, John Bruno,
  • Ciena Solution Marketing Director, Mitchell Simcoe
  • Avid Think Prinical and Founder, Roy Chua

The Making Sense Of Multi-Cloud session follows with speakers who will share their insight into how to optimize business-critical application availability, performance and security without blowing the budget. Speakers include:

  • Aviatrix Vice President of Product Management, Bryan Ashley,
  • Brink’s Senior Cloud Architect, Nathan Jones.

Day 2: AWS and Verizon

The cloud stakes could not be higher for telco operators. That’s why Day Two begins with Essential Telco Cloud Strategies. This session features strategies that can help modernize internal business practices to synchronize with enterprise customer environments. Speakers include:

  • AWS Telco Director, Fabio Cerone
  • Verizon SDN Product Strategist, Beth Cohen
  • Rakuten Symphony Vice President for Business Development & Tech Alliances, Mehran Hadipour
  • Juniper Networks Director of Marketing, Telco Cloud Solutions, Jon Mischel.

The event concludes with a session focused on SASE: Critical Capabilities, Key Case Studies. The final keynotes and panel will discuss which enterprise applications are driving SASE deployments today, and which are best left until the market matures. Speakers include:

  • John Isch, Director, Digital and Communication Services, Americas from Orange Business Services

Stay tuned to this page. We are adding new speakers daily.

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