Mavenir marketeers mauled in marketing makeover

Under the bad news department, Mavenir’s North American marketing team is being laid off at the end of March and replaced by a crew in India, according to sources close to Silverlinings.

The news comes on the heels of the company’s big customer win at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week whereby Deutsche Telekom chose the vendor as its partner for open radio access network (RAN) deployment in Europe.

In the run up to the big Barcelona bash, Mavenir announced that DISH Wireless was using its Open vRAN software to support DISH frequency bands, including supporting greater than 40,000 radios across the DISH 5G cloud-native Open RAN network.

Mavenir's marketing shakeup follows the company's workforce reduction news in January. Then, President and CEO Pardeep Kohli told Fierce Wireless that it was “streamlining and reevaluating programs and investments” due to “significant reduction in RCS Network Systems demand outside North America.”

According to Glassdoor, the estimated total pay for a marketing manager in India is $14,640 per year in the India area, with an average salary of $12,120 per year without bonuses or other incentives. A marketing manager role in the U.S. pays $74,513 per year on average.

Silverlinings reached out to Mavenir about the marketing makeover but the company spokesperson had "no comment."