Podcast: Lunch Ladies News Wrap - More on AI, the ARM IPO and IHOP!

We made it to episode 7! In this podcast, Silverlinings' Lunch Ladies Elizabeth Coyne and Diana Goovaerts serve up an overview of this week's news from the cloud world, including enterprise AI readiness, the ARM IPO, Wayfare's cloud strategy and pancakes! Plus we have a special guest — our very own Dan Jones.

Take a listen. 👇


Here's a handy guide to the chat:

00:05 Introduction.

00:34 Liz serves up our appetizer news, which involves IHOP. Pancakes are in the cloud!

01:45 Dan dishes out the first main course with insight on ARM's IPO.

04:30 Diana talks about part two of her interview with Matt Ferrari, Wayfair's cloud head.

05:50 Liz highlights a Dan Jones' article on enterprise AI readiness.

07:22 We preview stories that are coming on Silverlinings next week, including a look at if cloud manifestos matter, insights from the Intel event.

08:45 Hobbies are important! We have a lot of them. What's your hobby? Let us know by sending us a letter to the editor and we may read it on the next show.

11:36 Liz gives the weekly announcement rundown. Check out our upcoming virtual and live events. Plus, you can meet the Lunch Ladies in person at our upcoming Cloud Executive Summit.

12:25 Credits.

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