Skyhawk Security announces a paradigm shift in cloud security

AWS re:Invent -- Skyhawk Security, the originator of cloud threat detection and response (CDR, now also called CIRA by Gartner), is announcing a paradigm shift in cloud security with Continuous Proactive Protection. This latest advancement in its industry leading CDR Synthesis Security Platform introduces the first AI-based, autonomous purple team providing Adaptive Cloud Threat Detection and Response, continuously enhancing its protection of the customer’s cloud.

The new offering continuously analyzes customer cloud infrastructure, proactively runs attack simulations against it and uses the results to prepare verified detections, validated automated responses and remediation recommendations to ensure the cloud has the most up to date security defenses in place. This continuous protection process includes learning and automated adaptation of threat detection methods. This enables security teams to take a proactive and adaptive approach to their security strategy for the very first time.

“We always hear the same cloud security issues. There are too many issues to handle, and companies remain vulnerable while trying to address them. Plus, the detections of both posture and behavioral issues are reactive, so they must wait for the issues to happen and then try to address them before it is too late. In the past 15 years, cloud security was like driving your car while looking at the rear-view mirror rather than looking ahead,” said Chen Burshan, CEO of Skyhawk Security.

“What we announce today is a paradigm shift. It is the first continuous proactive cloud security, delivered by extending our field-proven CDR platform to use an AI-driven, adaptive security with self-learning capabilities. The new process continuously and automatically repeats. It’s like having an automated purple team that never sleeps and constantly updates and improves your cloud security in a single synergistic process,” Burshan said.