Vodafone New Zealand rolls out 800G technology with Ciena

Vodafone New Zealand is advancing  its network by being the first provider in New Zealand to deploy 800G  technology, enabling extremely high data capacity, transmission and speeds. Using Ciena’s  (NYSE: CIEN) WaveLogic  5 Extreme (WL5e) coherent optics between its data centres in Auckland,  Vodafone is achieving record transmission speeds to support growing, yet  constantly fluctuating, demands for digital services while enabling a greener  network. The term 800G refers to 800 billion bits  per second transmission capacity, which is enough to transport 25 HD movies in  one second  or the latest virtual reality game in a quarter of a second.

By implementing Ciena’s WL5e, Vodafone can better manage network requirements to support its recently launched 5G service. The internet  provider will also be able to offer a broad range of digital experiences by scaling  from 200G up to 800G single wavelengths to optimize capacity across any  distance while lowering costs. Vodafone is leveraging its existing Ciena 6500 shelves, doubling the data  throughput for each hardware module deployed and reducing energy consumption by  50 percent.

“Ciena’s innovative 800G coherent optics enable Vodafone New Zealand to  execute on our vision to provide New Zealanders with access to the world’s best  digital services. With Ciena’s WL5e, Vodafone will provide increased bandwidth  for a plethora of data-hungry applications, especially necessary as we’ve seen  both increases and spikes of data used during the past few months, a trend that  is only set to continue as remote working becomes more widespread and New  Zealand gears up for a more digitally-focused future,” says Tony Baird, Wholesale and Infrastructure Director at Vodafone.  “The highly advanced data transport system has been deployed together with  Vodafone’s optical partner Ciena and test equipment experts VIAVI.”